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Our friendly staff will take your application over the phone and, in most cases, you'll receive your approval in an hour or less! 

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Personal Loans from $40 to $1320

Who we assist

Retirees and Social Security Recipients

​In today's economy, we understand those with fixed incomes need a few extra dollars now and then to make through the month.  Let us help!

Social Security and VA Disability Recipients

​Most banks will not help those who receive disability!  Let us help you today!

Cash Plus Loans

We'll help you!  Civilian, Retiree, Social Security, or VA Disability. Don't worry, we've got your back.  We'll help when the banks turn their backs on you.

Reserve Military Components

​We appreciate our Reservists and Guardsmen!  Unlike payday loan places, we'll help you out!

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Do you need a little help to make rent, pay for an emergency car repair, medical bill, or just need a little cash for the holidays?


Here at Cash Plus, we'll help you with the funds you need to pay that bill, fix your vehicle, or enjoy your vacation!  Let one of our friendly Cash Plus team members take your application right over the phone without the hassle of the downtown traffic. 

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